Restoration of the seat for the gearbox shaft bearing, restoration of the seats for the gearbox housing bearing, repair of the sinkhole in the gearbox housing, shaft repair, welding of the cast-iron housing of the ball mill drive

The causes of problems during the operation of industrial or production equipment can be different, but in most cases these are factors: equipment overload, failure to carry out scheduled maintenance, untimely repair or replacement of components requiring replacement according to the regulations, surface corrosion or a combination of these factors. Ultimately, equipment can fail due to increased clearances in equipment parts or a seized bearing.

Rotation of the bearing on the shaft or in the equipment housing, gearbox, and other parts leads to loosening or subsidence of the surface and the failure of the shaft, parts or housing. This requires an expensive replacement of a part or several parts to restore the operability of mechanisms and units of production equipment.

An excellent way out in this situation is to repair the surface of the shaft seats, restore the housing for installing the bearing. Modern technologies make it possible to carry out a set of measures in the restoration of parts, not only on the territory of the repair enterprise, but also at the installation site of large-sized and difficult-to-dismantle equipment.

Our company will be able to help you in the repair and restoration of worn out or sagging surfaces of various parts of your production equipment. Our specialists will carry out repairs according to the technology provided or the process developed by our specialists. All work will be performed in full accordance with the technical specification and the provided drawing, and will be monitored at all stages of the repair. As a result, you will be able to obtain a finished product with the required characteristics.