5 reasons why a difficult engine start does not indicate a serious problem

If the engine starts to start with difficulty, then inexperienced helmsmen think that some serious malfunction has appeared. However, do not rush to go to the masters and lay out money. Many things can be done by hand. Yes, and it does not require much effort. Here you will find simple solutions to complex problems.

A dead battery will not be taken into account. Let’s assume that the battery is in order. However, you need to pay attention to its terminals and wire lugs. Oxides and deposits are the first cause of difficult starting. We remove this sediment with a brush with strong bristles and soda solution. And then we tighten the fastening nuts of the terminals stronger.

The second reason is refueling with diluted gasoline. Such fuel contributes to the rapid appearance of soot on candles. Yes, such that the electrodes are, as if in pieces of dirt. The result – the battery cheerfully turns the starter, and the engine is silent. The “treatment” is simple – replacing the candles. However, on most budget cars this is very easy to do. We also recommend adding a special additive to the tank. It will remove impurities from the fuel line.

The next problem is low rail pressure. Because of this, the nozzles are not able to provide a regular supply of fuel to the combustion chambers. Usually the masters in the service sin on the fuel pump, because its replacement will be very expensive. Experienced drivers are not “led” to persuasion, but first check the electrical circuit. More precisely, they change the cheap fuse. After that, you can hear the fuel pump start to buzz. So he will still live.

Interruptions in the operation of the power unit also occur when the intake system is damaged. Let’s say air is leaking from under the air filter cover, which is not tightly closed. Or a winter surprise. In wet weather, especially after frisky puddles, the air filter absorbs moisture. In the cold, it freezes, and the throughput of the consumable drops sharply. Thus, the mixture formation process is disrupted and the Check Engine lights up on the instrument panel. To get rid of this, you need to dry the spare part or replace it with a new one.

Finally, malfunctions are due to high-voltage wires that begin to “break through”. This causes sparking problems. Fortunately, everyone can replace the wires, as well as a single ignition module. Special skills are not required for this.