Volkswagen surprised the design of the front seats of the electric Scout

Volkswagen has shared another image of an electric car that will hit the market under the Scout brand in 2024. This is the historical name that the German automaker has decided to revive for the line of “green” models: it is known that it will include an SUV and a pickup truck. The Drive edition clarified the darkened teaser and found a curious detail – the journalists were surprised by the design of the front seats, which, judging by the outlines of the back, will be made in the form of a sofa.

In the brightened image, you can see square headrests and a solid back of the front seats – such sofas used to be common in cars, but over time, automakers switched to a 2 + 3 seating formula. One of the last production passenger cars to be fitted with a solid front sofa was the 2012 Chevrolet Impala and the sofa was an option.

There is another interesting detail in the teaser picture – The Drive saw a hint of removable roof panels. This will probably be implemented as on Jeep SUVs, or Volkswagen will offer a different design for the Scout.

Also on the official website of Scout Motors launched a feedback function – now users can make their suggestions. The company invited owners of the original International Harvester Scout cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, which were produced from the 1960s to the 1980s, for a discussion.

As for the Scout in a modern interpretation, there are no technical details about the SUV and pickup yet. Production will be organized in the United States, but where exactly is not specified – according to one version, it will be a factory built from scratch specifically for electric Scouts, which are promised a new platform.