Toyota is developing a pseudo manual transmission for electric cars

Toyota wants to equip electric cars with manual transmissions. Only really coupled and shifted is not here.

Electric cars with manual gearbox? Actually obsolete, since e-cars have such a high torque that they no longer need gears. But Toyota has applied for a patent for exactly this and is possibly turning to all nostalgics with this idea, for whom only manual shifting gives a real driving experience.

The car fools the driver into shifting gears

However, the drivers are only fooled into shifting and clutching. The electric car with such a transmission then only accelerates as if someone had stepped on the clutch and shifted gears. Or to put it another way: the car interrupts its linear propulsion and picks up speed again in the supposedly new gear. For the driver, the transmission works as before: disengage, shift, engage and accelerate.

The pseudo-gear as a solution for all shift lovers

The “pseudo-gearshift” and the “pseudo-clutch” (gear and clutch), as stated in the official patent application with the number US 2022/0041155 A1, are aimed at the nostalgic, who might find it easier to switch to electric mobility becomes. Because if you drive with an automatic or continuously variable CVT transmission today, you don’t have to get used to it when you step into an electric car. It remains to be seen whether Toyota has found a real solution with the pseudo gearbox.