Scania Unveils New Options for Heavy-Duty Gearboxes

Scania has expanded its G25CM and G33CM range with the introduction of two new models featuring an “H” (for Heavy) in their designations. The new additions, known as G25CH and G33CH, inherit all the exceptional qualities and characteristics of their counterparts. However, Scania has further enhanced these models by incorporating a robust planetary gear, resulting in what is arguably the trucking industry’s most intelligent blend of durability, seamless gear shifting, and fuel efficiency.

According to Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks, the introduction of these options reinforces the significance of Scania’s XT range and mining solutions. He emphasizes that these new models are specifically designed to tackle the demanding conditions faced by heavy-duty trucks, ultimately making a significant impact on customer uptime and reducing maintenance costs.

Scania’s newest generation of automated gearboxes has gained a reputation for its technological prowess. Since their launch in 2020, these gearboxes have showcased superior capabilities, including enhanced fuel and transport efficiency, seamless and rapid gear shifting, and reduced weight. One of their notable strengths is the broad gear ratio range, coupled with optimized rear axle gearing, which enables the engine to operate at low revolutions while delivering maximum torque.

Eduardo Landeo, Product Manager at Scania Trucks, expresses the company’s confidence in its robust heavy-duty offerings. He states:

“Scania’s heavy-duty lineup has reached new heights, offering a comprehensive range of engine options. With the introduction of these new additions, along with our extensive axle range, we are now better equipped to meet the needs of the most challenging and demanding applications in the trucking industry.”

The optimal balance

In heavy-duty truck combinations with high gross train weights, it is common to utilize 6×4 rear bogie axles with “short” gearing (3.5:1 and higher). While this setup provides advantages for take-off and initial acceleration, it can impose significant strain on the outgoing axle in the gearbox, especially in hilly terrains or when encountering high rolling resistance. The short gearing, often paired with hub reduction axles, enhances the truck’s power but also results in higher engine revolutions per minute during cruising speeds.

Scania’s focus on achieving low engine revs and improved fuel efficiency lies in finding the perfect equilibrium between rear axle gearing and actual operational requirements. With the exceptional features of Scania’s heavy-duty gearboxes, a greater number of trucks can now employ higher gear ratios without compromising safety or performance. This allows for enhanced fuel consumption while maintaining ample room for operational flexibility.

All aluminium, quiet and efficient

Scania Opticruise’s G-range, unveiled in 2020, swiftly established itself as a trailblazer in the industry. Featuring an all-aluminium housing and compact design, it weighed 60 kg less than its predecessor, resulting in improved efficiency. Additionally, the G-range boasted reduced noise levels, further enhancing the overall driving experience.

The G-range demonstrates its fuel-saving capabilities through minimized internal friction and a streamlined design with only two synchronizers, complemented by pneumatic actuators and shaft brakes (three in total). When paired with an intelligent engine management system like the Super-based powertrain, the G-range facilitates seamless and precise gear shifting, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.