MINI undertook to teach Americans the correct shifting of a manual transmission

In the United States, the share of cars with manual transmission is significantly less than in European countries. Under the auspices of the American branch of Mini, a special school is being established to teach drivers how to handle a manual transmission, and at the same time with their own products.

A study the year before last, conducted by CNBC, found only about 13% of cars sold in the country for the year were with manual transmission. Until recently, the entire Mini lineup in the US was equipped with an automatic transmission, but starting this month, the three-door hatchback is also available with a manual transmission. For a closer acquaintance of motorists with such a transmission, a school has been created where Americans will be taught how to change gears on their own.

Based at California’s BMW Performance Center, a team of experts will be conducting self-shifting workshops on how to do it at the right time and smoothly. Classes will be crowned with exams in a closed area.