Details about the new gearbox for Aurus have appeared

Aurus may get a new transmission of our own design.

From the moment of its appearance to this day, executive cars Aurus are equipped with a nine-speed automatic machine of the domestic company KATE. According to, there are complaints about this transmission – supposedly it is unreliable and can break even with minimal mileage. The publication notes that since 2015, NAMI has been developing some kind of “original automatic transmission”. In 2020, NAMI opened a project with the NAMI-AKP-2 code, which regarded as a continuation of work on its own transmission, which is likely to replace KATE. The portal managed to find out some details about her.

The project in question is called “Mastering the specialized technology for manufacturing and adapting automatic transmissions, creating a center of competence for the production of components for various types of gearboxes.” Journalists interpret this as follows: the KATE box did not justify itself, so NAMI decided to “independently create an alternative unit.”

“NAMI-AKP-2” provides for testing “previously produced prototypes of automatic transmissions”, which are equipped with two wet clutches, in other words, DCT. Moreover, NAMI was allegedly also working on a dual-clutch box, which can be found in tractors and other heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles. emphasizes that while the appearance of a new automatic transmission on Aurus has not been officially confirmed, however, according to journalists, the transmission is intended specifically for cars of this brand.