Allison Transmission was present at the 21st edition of TECMA, the International Urban Planning and Environment Fair, held from June 14 to 16 at the IFEMA exhibition center (Madrid), where the company presented its latest innovations in the field of electrification. In collaboration with two major players in the sector, Geesinknorba and UROVESA, Allison has unveiled new vehicles, all equipped with the Allison transmission. These vehicles meet the current needs of cities, while creating trends in the use of alternative energies.

Allison Transmission highlighted the reliability, durability and ease of use of its fully automatic transmission, as well as its total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits, which are important in municipal services. “Our presence at TECMA confirms that manufacturers, in response to market demands, appreciate the benefits of the Continuous Power TechnologyTM solution of Allison fully automatic transmissions. TCO is a way to measure performance by analyzing variables such as productivity (how much extra work can be done) and fuel efficiency over the lifecycle of a vehicle,” said Trond Johansen, Director of Large European fleets and market development in Spain at Allison Transmission.

xFE technology, developed by Allison Transmission, enables more efficient use of energy and improves vehicle productivity by hauling heavier loads with reduced fuel consumption. The 3000 xFE™ and 3200 xFE™ models are ideal for medium-duty trucks with engines up to 370 hp and 1,695 Nm of torque and gross vehicle weight up to 28.5 tonnes. Equipped with xFE technology, these transmissions reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. As for the FuelSense® technology, it also allows to reduce consumption, in the most demanding service cycles, thus leading to savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

The manufacturer also presented its new eGen Power® electric axles. Allison Transmission’s eGen Power® electric axles are designed to mount between the wheels of medium and heavy duty trucks and buses, replacing conventional powertrains. They benefit from a continuous power of up to 454 kW and a peak power of 652 kW.

At the Geesinknorba stand, visitors were able to experience the Hyzon HyMax-160 fuel cell vehicle, with DAF chassis and a Geesinknorba rear-loading GPM IV waste collector. This vehicle, equipped with an Allison 3200 SeriesTM fully automatic transmission with power take-off, was unveiled for the first time in Spain.

The AMS CL1-26N sideloader on a Renault D WIDE 320 CNG (compressed natural gas) chassis was also on display. This truck is equipped with an optimized engine, the Fuel Eco+ pack and an Allison 3200 Series™ automatic transmission with PTO which reduce CO2 emissions.

“We are very proud to present our latest innovations at TECMA 2022. The Hyzon HyMax-160 marks a new era in the field of mobility: hydrogen is undoubtedly one of the most attractive alternative energies for the sector. In terms of durability and performance, it offers unrivaled advantages for working in the city. Nevertheless, the demand for more traditional vehicles, such as the Renault D WIDE 320 CNG is still there, as they also play a key role in certain applications,” said José Antonio González, CEO of Geesinknorba for Spain and the Portugal.

The Hyzon HyMax-160 is designed for customers looking for zero emissions. The advantages include: the weight of the chassis, which is almost the same as that of a conventional diesel vehicle; a design that allows it to operate in the same way as a diesel vehicle, but quietly and emission-free; and a recharging speed of only 8 minutes, which is possible at all hydrogen stations at a pressure of 350 bar.

“At Hyzon, we are working to accelerate the energy transition. We eliminate carbon emissions, so harmful to our environment, for the benefit of cities and drivers. We offer a wide range of Hyzon FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) products, guaranteeing the same power, payload and charging time as any diesel vehicle. Of course, with a fundamental advantage: our Hyzon FCEV only emits water vapour,” said Joost van de Laar, Hyzon European Sales Director.

Finally, URO Vehículos Especiales (UROVESA) UROVESA launched the new URO Urbatek range, equipped with the Allison fully automatic transmission, for the entire European market. This range, designed to deliver optimum performance, consists of three specific truck chassis specifically designed for waste collection, with easy-access low-slung cabs and three powertrain options: electric traction, CNG and Euro VI diesel- E. The internal combustion engines are equipped with the Allison 3000 SeriesTM automatic transmission with retarder.

The URO Urbatek is a unique truck on the European market, with the smallest possible dimensions of 2.0 m wide and 5.75 m long on a chassis with a GVW of 18 tonnes. It features excellent weight distribution across both axles and a new low front cab design with a single side step for easier access and to help prevent accidents. The Urbatek is equipped with the Allison Series 3000 transmission with retarder, which allows it to benefit from the advantages of this transmission. The URO Urbatek is the first truck designed specifically for waste collection in historic city centers and narrow streets in general.

Urban service companies need special vehicles capable of meeting the requirements of municipalities in terms of efficiency and environmental impact. It is therefore essential that the chassis and cabs of these vehicles are designed from the outset for the assembly of these specific bodies.

“Our extensive experience with high-tech defense vehicles allows us to tailor our chassis to suit the application, without the need for further modification. Trash collection is a demanding task made much easier with Allison fully automatic transmissions, which facilitate smooth driving and easy gear changes. Drivers have both hands on the wheel and can concentrate fully on the road and maneuvering the vehicle. The reliability of Allison automatic transmissions also means lower maintenance costs and therefore increased productivity throughout the life of the vehicle. In addition, the engine runs at minimum rpm at all times, significantly reducing noise emissions,” said Manuel Lage, Business Development Consultant at UROVESA.

The collaboration between Allison Transmission and UROVESA is a long-standing one. In 1989, UROVESA became the first company in Spain to integrate the Allison transmission for civil and military off-road applications. Since then, the company has manufactured more than 7,000 vehicles equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions. “UROVESA is one of Allison Transmission’s largest customers in Spain, with a long history of technical cooperation and excellent relationships. UROVESA considers Allison Transmission as a privileged partner in all the new projects we develop,” said Manuel Lage.

“These vehicles operate with very demanding duty cycles, with continuous stops and starts and heavy loads. The same truck is used for several consecutive work cycles and the driveline is subjected to continuous stress. The Allison transmission with torque converter protects the driveline, reducing component failure and improving reliability. Because the parts have a longer life, the TCO is lower. Therefore, companies and fleets providing this type of service in Spain are looking for automatic transmissions with torque converter and hydraulic retarder,” said Trond Johansen.

The new URO Urbatek range offers customers three on-demand driveline options: 100% electric traction motor with lithium-ion batteries, which guarantees operation for a full working day without the need to recharge; an environmentally friendly CNG engine; and the Euro VI-E diesel engine. The integrated self-leveling air suspension system maintains consistent ground clearance. In addition, the driver can adjust the height of the vehicle in motion, to avoid obstacles on the ground or in height. Three PTO mounting options are offered: directly connected to the engine from the crankshaft, directly connected to the rear of the engine (REPTO) and connected to the automatic transmission.

“Our great added value is that we provide a solution with the same efficiency and performance as heavy vehicles used on the road. We are convinced that our presence at TECMA will allow users of this class of vehicles to see the new URO Urbatek range as the optimal and most cost-effective solution to carry out their work in the most ecological, efficient and user-friendly way for the operator. In addition, these vehicles are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions, which protect the engine and mechanical parts,” said Manuel Lage.